Zoe Dubno is a writer from Manhattan who lives in New York and London, but not in a fancy way, more as an inconvenience. She is the author of the novel Happiness and Love out 2025 from Scribner (US) Doubleday (UK) and DTV (Germany.) She has an MFA from Rutgers University, Newark where she was also a lecturer in the English department. Her work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, The Guardian, NY Tyrant, BOMB, Muumuu House, GQ, Garage, The Spectator, Vogue and elsewhere. She is working on a screenplay, just like everybody else.
She can be reached at zoedubno@gmail.com or through her agents Mollie Glick (US) and John Ash (UK)

This is a photo of her at Interstate gallery with a bit of her friend David, who is also a writer.