zoe sophia sarah dubno
writer, cutie, star
hit my line: email

various types of video work
wrote, animated, edited, voiced @ animated webseries
video about marvel superheroes i edited and researched @ teen vogue
writing, video editing V.DATA @ VFILES

published writing
For Sale: Tiny Fish, Literally Everywhere @ Garage
Local Bee Pollen Is the Only Thing That Cured My Seasonal Allergies @ Bon Appetit
New York Restaurantsí Best-Kept Secret: The Luxury Forager @ Garage
The Complete History of the Goth GF @ Garage
lil project @ HERMES
lotsa pop culture, art, music stories @ BlackBook
Del Close Marathon UCB story @ Rolling Stone

social media
instagram i used to make memes on:@zoedubno
twitter: @zoe_dubno
personal instagram that i actually post stuff to:@peter.luger

press for when i used to make memes
9 New Meme Accounts to Follow -Cosmopolitan
Meet the Instagram Dream Team -Paper Magazine
Meme Accounts to Follow For When You're Feeling a Type of Way -Elle
11 Hilarious Fashion Meme Accounts to Follow on Instagram Right Now -High Snobiety


clicc bugs for resume

listen to my radio show @ WOBC show